Sound & Light Concepts have been installing Sound, Lighting, Video and Staging systems since 2002, collaborating with many of the UK’s largest constructions firms on the Building Schools for the Future initiative. To date we have installed over 120 education facilities from primary schools through to universities featuring many theatres and specialist performing arts facilities.

Education facilities provided us the perfect opportunity to showcase our creativity and expertise in designing bespoke integrated AV systems for both multipurpose and dedicated performance spaces nationwide. Catering for everything relating to performance AV systems:


  • PA systems

  • Digital Mixers

  • Paging systems with zoning

  • Building wide PA system

  • Portable PA systems

  • Radio Microphones

  • Conferencing Systems


  • Lighting Systems

  • LED Lighting

  • Architectural Lighting

  • Sensory equipment

  • Patch bays


  • Projection Systems

  • Digital Signage

  • Video Distribution

  • Conferencing Equipment

  • LED Wall


  • Staging equipment

  • Drapes and curtain tracks

  • Truss

  • Electric motors

  • Stages

  • Rigging

As we grew our services expanding into a diverse range of sectors including theatre, houses of worship, retail outlets, leisure facilities, bingo halls, night clubs and pubs, special needs facilities including sensory rooms and hydrotherapy pools anywhere a performance system can help or enhance.

Our engineers have designed bespoke solutions for a range of complex and multipurpose spaces and venues whilst catering for different technical abilities. From a fully-fledged theatre with multiple layouts, patch bays and complete flexibility within the AV system to solutions that operate on the touch of a button including integrating sound, lighting and video for the simplest operation.

As well as installing a new venue or system we can upgrade existing equipment or infrastructure with the latest technologies. For example LED lighting has huge momentum bringing benefits such as energy saving, heat reduce, no lamps to replace and colour at the touch of a button, realizing its not always possible to upgrade everything at the same time we can make use of legacy equipment with a hybrid upgrade. This involves upgrading the infrastructure in such a way new and existing technology can be used together.

Need help designing an AV solution that meets your requirements? Let our expert project managers and engineers help to exceed your expectations.