Our heritage is in the technical demanding world of musical theatre, , striving to bring the latest technologies and innovations to an afford level for theatres across Yorkshire. We soon developed a growing reputation for our production values and professional quality across the technical spectrum of sound, lighting, video, staging and rigging.

Few understand the constraints of working in theatres the biggest been time and space of which there is usually very little. We collaborate from the outset starting with set design through to the direction on stage to make sure the technical can reach its full potential and provide the creative immersive experience we have become known for.

Digital set is fast becoming the norm in theatre with more and more productions looking to add video content to really capture the audience, we have invested heavily in video distribution with the latest HD projectors and LED equipment to keep up with the shift from traditional wooden set design. This builds on our extensive hire stock featuring countless sets of radio mics, moving head lighting, line array PA systems, video and rigging equipment.