From festivals to one off spectacles, outdoor events come with vast range of obstacles from the changing weather to the sheer distance of equipment. We have invested heavily into the latest IP rated equipment, stages and thousands of meters of cabling.

Events can take months of planning and making sure every detail is correct is paramount to a smooth and successful operation. Our engineers have the expertise and the experience to make sure your event goes off without a hitch covering everything from power requirements to communications all done to meet the latest health & safety standards.

Our portfolio covers music festivals such as Parklife and Beatherder, parades through city centers for key dates, tight rope walking 10 meters in the air at night which included 360 degree audio dispersion and very particular lighting to allow the performer to see the rope, large orchestra’s and sound and lighting to cover the 70m2 courtyard at the Piecehall . These are a few examples of the projects we have undertaken, have an event in mind? See what our engineers can do for you.